Industrial Energy Services

Industrial Energy Audit

Our industrial energy audit aims to identify your facility/plant energy saving opportunities via conducting a detailed analysis of the facility/plant energy balance, energy and fuel supply side, energy demand accounting and significant level of performance assessment activities, reviews and data analysis. It helps you not only with your energy saving and cost reduction but also with your environmental management as well as GHG control activities. As part of our work, we would provide you with unequivocal data-supported recommendations for energy saving and reduction of exhaust emissions. We are quite familiar with the latest techniques of energy audits and reviews and have experience in providing this type of service for a long number of years.

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Strategic Energy Reviews (SER)

Our Strategic Energy Review (SER) normally targets energy saving in your company as a whole; for example in your facility/plant or a number of such facilities/plants. The aim is to perform a strategic gap analysis of your organisation/operations and identify most effective measures that could help the company or top managers to set the policy and plan for energy saving at a company-wide or facility-wide level.

Our SER service would look at strategic aspects of your company operation and energy use profiles, perform surveys and data analysis and will then decide on best ways of saving energy. Benchmarking is used to help identify various energy saving measures and strategies.

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Plant Performance Analysis

Our Plant Performance Analysis service is a desk-top analysis and review of your plant/facility and machinery performance data with a view to advise you to avoid under-performance operations. Over time, with this service, we will aim to elevate your operations to best-practice.

The service is based on periodic submission of data by you, in a prescribed format, and the analysis and issue of performance analysis report by us. The performance analysis report will contain recommendations about areas where you do not perform according to agreed best-practice benchmarks. As part of the service, we will provide you with data collection proforma and procedures.

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Contract Energy Management

EnEmSol can undertake Contract Energy Management for you. This basically means that we would act as your de-facto “energy manager” and will either charge you based on your achieved energy performance or simply will work with your team, to ensure best-practice energy management in your organisation.

Energy management is a discipline that requires its own techniques and skills. As part of this service, we will bring these skills to the table and will ensure that they are disseminated within your organisation over time.

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Energy Management System (EnMS)

A company energy management system could be effective if properly developed and implemented. We have practical experience and expertise with ISO 50001 on EnMS and relevant stages of planning, doing, monitoring and improvements. We could support you with identifying the company’s energy efficiency measures via conducting energy reviews, preparing the ISO 50001 EnMS and support you with the certification process.

On EnMS development we will closely work with your staff to ensure compliance to ISO 50001 requirements and will support your staff during implementation. We could provide you with required training on various aspects of the EnMS development and implementation.

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Customized Energy Projects

Our industrial energy and environmental services are not limited to the above well-defined products. EnEmSol can carry out all types of bespoke industrial energy and CO2 emissions projects. If need be, we will team up with you to define the scope of the project free of charge and then participate either wholly or partly in the delivery of the defined projects. Also, we could support you with relevant training and R&D related activities as has been explained on relevant pages of this website.

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CEETech Services

Our Clean and Energy Efficient Technologies (CEETech) services support you with practical and proven technologies that could be used for reduction of energy use. We would not only identify various technologies that might suit your application, but also will support you in the following areas:

  • Evaluate the proposed technologies that suit your specific requirements and perform technical feasibility studies.
  • Assess the costs of relevant technologies and their impact on your energy use and financial saving levels. As a result of this, an informed economic evaluation of the technologies will be provided.
  • Perform design studies and carry out the project development for the implementation of any technology that you may decide to implement. We will stay with you even for detailed design reviews and performance verification if need be.

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