Asset Management Services

Asset management herein is referred to all activities that is performed to keep the capital assets in a safe, reliable and optimal operating conditions. Although asset management is generally taken as synonymous to maintenance management, it is in fact wider in scope that traditional maintenance management.

EnEmSol has experience in asset management including performance and condition monitoring, failure investigations, maintenance management and other related activities. We can support you, using our know-how and systems, to reduce your maintenance cost, improve the asset integrity of your plants and give you an in-depth analysis of the cause of your machinery failures. This page provides further info in this area.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management aims to not only safeguard the major capital assets from failures but also aims to reduce the downtime and increase the availability and reliability of the whole operations. In this way, it provides a significant cost saving. As for major energy intensive machinery (e.g. turbines, engines, boilers, etc.), maintenance management also supports the energy management aspects with added benefit of energy cost saving. In fact in such cases, good maintenance is a prerequisite for optimal plant performance and energy efficiency.

As part of our Maintenance Management Services, we offer the following supports:

  • Fundamental review of current state of your maintenance and repair activities which is routinely carried out in your plant. As a result, we will identify gaps and provide alternative solutions to meet the best industry practice.
  • Work with your maintenance team to develop a condition based maintenance instead of traditional preventive maintenance.
  • Perform strategic review of your maintenance systems and practices against international standards and best practice.

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Condition Monitoring

  • Provide condition monitoring services for major energy use equipment and life time assessment of capital intensive parts. Provide practical solutions on run, repair or replacement of such parts.
  • Performance monitoring services in order to ensure the system or equipment targeted at achieving minimal energy use.

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Failure Investigations

  • Carry out Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of industrial equipment failures.
  • Independent quality assessments of built / manufacturing standards of major industrial components for power generation or oil and gas installations.
  • Targeted training on cost reduction strategy when operating capital intensive equipment.

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