Training Services

EnEmSol provides wide ranging training services including short courses and training workshops either directly to you or on your behalf to your clients. EnEmSol can also team up with you to develop bespoke training modules that would satisfy your internal / external requirements. We will bring to the table many years of world-class experience in industrial training on energy efficiency and emissions controls.

Our training services portfolio currently includes the following courses:

Industrial and Power Generation

  • Industrial energy management
  • Principles of energy audits and energy reviews
  • Principles of performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Combined heat and power
  • Energy policy fundamentals: Development and implementation
  • ISO 50001 and industrial energy management
  • Practical aspects of ISO 14001 and environmental management for industry
  • Technology transfer for climate change: Fundamentals and global initiatives
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and climate change


  • Ship energy management
  • Principles of ship energy audits and energy reviews
  • Practical aspects of ship performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Ship energy efficiency regulations
  • IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulations, implementations and enforcement
  • Fuel efficient ship operation
  • Fuel efficient ship design
  • Diesel engines’ NOx, SOx and Particulates and abatement technologies
  • Marine fuels and alternative fuels including LNG and bio-fuels
  • ISO 50001 and energy management: Introduction and shipping aspects
  • Practical aspects of ISO 14001 and environmental management for a shipping company
  • Emissions quantification and MRV (measurement, reporting and verification)

We can readily provide the above trainings upon request. As stated, we could work with you to develop tailor-made training courses for your staff or for your clients. We can also act as a facilitator for your workshops or conduct brainstorming sessions or just do one to one coaching to develop your staff’s energy management skill sets.

No job is small for us and we could provide training spanning from just few hours to few days periods. If you want to know more about our training services, please contact us.

R&D Services

EnEmSol has wide ranging experience in R&D projects and have collaborated with research institutes and universities worldwide. We have a number of novel ideas on ship-related R&Ds in areas of energy efficient technologies, emissions abatement technologies, energy performance optimization and regulatory compliance. Our experience could add value to your R&D partnerships.

We would aim to create IP (Intellectual Property) for you if you involve us in your R&D endeavours. We will use our long industrial experience to develop original and new ideas, will support you in proposal developments and funding applications, will support your R&D staff during implementation by providing peer advice and, if need be, directly carry out the R&D activities as a member of your project team.

Our past R&D experience includes work on diesel engines, propulsion system, fuel cells, engine performance simulation, emissions measurement, combustion and emissions modelling, ship performance simulation; all in support of energy efficient and clean transport technologies.

If you want more information on our R&D services, please contact us.