On this page, we provide you with a number of useful publications from public domain:

Industrial / Building related 

  • The Future of Heating - Meeting the challenge (March 2013): This is a publication by the UK Government within which it sets out the scale of demand for heat in the country as well as its strategies  and plans to cut emissions from heating including transformation of the heat supply and heat demand sides. The full report can be read here.
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines: This document is designed to help companies in complying with the mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regulation, a requirement from the UK’s Climate Change Act 2008.

Marine / Transport related

  • Future Ship Powering Options (July 2013): This publication, by Royal Academy of Engineering, explores alternative methods of propulsion systems and marine fuels for ships of the future in view of the moves to a more energy efficient ships and future carbon-constraint economy. You can see full report here.
  • Sustainable Shipping blogs: This website contains useful blogs by experts on various aspects of sustainable shipping including ship’s technology, emissions, LNG and scrubbers.
  • Guidance on measuring and reporting GHG emissions from freight transport operations: This document provides guidance on calculating the GHG emissions from freight transport operations. It is designed to act as a supplement to guidelines for UK’s mandatory GHG reporting scheme.